Alaska Katmai Workshop

July, 2025
[Specific Dates To Be Determined]

Join wilderness photographer, Chad Dutson, on an all-inclusive backcountry lodge adventure in Alaska, limited to only 5 participants. There are two options: a 7-day workshop that begins and ends in Anchorage, Alaska, or a 6-day workshop that begins and ends in Iliamna, Alaska. Lodging, meals, and backcountry floatplane transportation is included. This is a wildlife-focus workshop, primarily bears, with some limited landscape opportunities.

For the beginner or professional, photographing alongside an Alaska-based wilderness photographer provides you an advantage over every other workshop. 

Whether Alaska is on your bucket list or you are planning a return trip, this opportunity is incredibly unique and fun! 

$8,395 (Anchorage, all-inclusive)

$7,495 (Iliamna, all-inclusive)


  • All-Inclusive Workshop Adventure, Lodging, Meals, and Flolatplane Transportation
  • Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks: Brooks Falls and Other Prominent Locations
  • Limited to 5 Participants
  • Alaska-Based Guide/Instructor
  • Pre-Workshop Online Seminar
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  • Day 1: Group Dinner in Anchorage, with Chad Dutson.
  • Day 2: Morning walkabout in Anchorage. In the afternoon, the group flies to the Alaska Peninsula, to our prestigious lodge located in the heart of bear country.
  • Days 3-6: Each day involves an adventure via float plane and/or boat, focusing opportunities to photograph bears and other wildlife.
  • Day 7: One more adventure in the early-morning. The group returns to Anchorage in the afternoon.

[The Iliamna option begins on Day 2 at the lodge]


    The workshops begins and ends in Anchorage, Alaska, or Iliamna, Alaska. Our first meet-and-greet will be at a local restaurant the evening of Tuesday, July 21, 2020 in downtown Anchorage.

    During meals and downtime each day, we will discuss photographic techniques, nature photography philosophy, and photo critiques.

    Each day in the Alaska Peninsula includes a backcountry adventure via float plane and/or boat, included with the workshop fee. Throughout the workshop, photography instruction will cover many of Chad’s techniques, including proper exposure and composition. Advanced techniques will also be shared. Chad has used Nikon and Canon equipment professionally, and caters instruction to your photographic experience level. The group will spend time over dinner each evening, discussing highlights of the day’s excursion, with a focus on education. At least one session will be provided for group image review and critique.

    You can anticipate 2-3 miles hiking each day, up to moderate intensity, walking on the coast and in rivers and banks. You will see endless wildlife opportunities, primarily brown bears (grizzlies). The area has the highest concentration of brown bears in the world. Picture yourself standing in front of bear, capturing the moments in still shots or video. The views are outstanding and the memories will last a lifetime!

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    The Lodge

    The main lodge includes a great room including dining room, sofas, and fireplace. The recreation room includes a pool table, where the group will socialize each day over drinks and snacks. Gourmet meals are prepared fresh daily: Alaskan salmon, steak, fettuccine. Not to mention the friendly and accommodating staff. The lodge is an incredible experience by itself.

    Double-occupancy is required to take advantage of these incredible backcountry rates. Every two participants will be housed in their own cabin.

    What is included?

    • Meals & Lodging, Snacks & drinks
    • Floatplane Transportation during the workshop
    • Personalized guide service & photography instruction
    • Pre-workshop online seminar

    What is your responsibility?

    • Transportation to/from Anchorage, Alaska
    • Insurance: Trip, Equipment, & Emergency Medical Evacuation
    • Gratuities (if desired)

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    The Workshop Team

    Chad Dutson. Workshop Leader. Alaska- and Utah-based wilderness photographer who deeply admires nature. He has been workshopping in Alaska and the Southwest since 2014.

    "Some say they lose themselves in one thing or another -- I find myself through photography -- losing only the sense of time." -- Chad Dutson

    Portfolio www.chaddutson.com

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What level of physical preparation is required? Anticipate hiking 2-4 miles per days on uneven coastal and riverway surfaces. Water waders will be provided. Bring hiking boots, in the off-chance the group decides to hike in drier areas.
    2. What weight limits do I have? The carrier from Anchorage to the Alaska Peninsula has a strict 70-pound weight limit, including carry-ons. Any extra fees for overweight luggage will be your responsibility.
    3. What specific photo gear should I bring? Camera and tripod are a must, and we suggest you bring at least two lenses, with ranges from 24 to 400mm (full-frame) or 15 to 280mm (crop sensor). You may also want to bring a 1.4x extender. Due to the wet/rainy climate, it is recommended you also bring covers for your backpack and camera gear, including camera cleaning equipment.
    4. What other gear should I bring? Be prepared with layered clothing for sunny and rainy weather. Daytime high temperatures average between 55 and 70 degrees (F), nights between 45 and 55 degrees (F). We will be hiking regardless of weather, whether sun, wind, rain, or snow, so plan accordingly. In addition to the items listed above, you may consider bringing extra socks and underclothing, in case you get wet. In the event of wet weather, you should bring rain gear that is 100% water proof for you and your camera equipment. “Water resistant” is not sufficient.
    5. What photography experience must I have? Our workshops are geared toward all levels. Beginners will value the photography instruction while advanced photographers will appreciate the guide service.
    6. May I bring a non-photographer friend? Certainly, the more the merrier; however since space is limited you must purchase a slot for each attendee. Groups of two or more are discounted. Inquire for a checkout discount code prior to purchase.
    7. Is there cell coverage and WiFi in the backcountry? No. Although there is limited cell coverage, it is not reliable.
    8. Is there water and electricity at the lodge? Yes, the lodge is equipped running water and electricity, including plenty to recharge your camera batteries each night.
    9. What type of insurance should I secure? We recommend travel, equipment, and emergency evacuation insurance to cover the what-ifs in travel. Air travel changes, vehicle breakdowns, and weather can all wreak havoc. Although unlikely, there is always a possibility of a workshop cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. Travel Insurance provides peace of mind. We also recommend equipment insurance. Camera equipment is super sensitive, and being in the wilderness all day carries inherent risk. Cover your equipment with a policy sufficient to repair and/or replace your gear. Emergency evacuation insurance is optimal in remote wilderness settings, like the Alaska Peninsula.
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