About Chad


Chad Dutson is an Alaska- and Utah-based wilderness photographer who occasionally ventures into fine art portraiture. He deeply admires nature, and strives to capture the finest scenes possible. He spent all but three years of his life living in the West, providing him incredible opportunities to enhance his self-taught craft.

Chad began shooting  with a point-and-shoot at the age of eight. He began an early transition to digital photography in 1999, and now shoots exclusively digital. He has been published in books, magazines, websites, and has been a juror for several photo competitions.

Chad has an insatiable desire to wander the wild, seeking solitude and serenity away from the bustle of city life. His deep passion for photography pushes him to extreme levels to capture "the shot." He has experienced hypothermia, been stung by a scorpion, nearly stepped on a rattlesnake, and faced sleet and rain through a close-proximity lightning storm. After each excursion he shares his experience with others, yearning they may fall in love with nature as he has.




"Some say they lose themselves in one thing or another -- I find myself through photography -- losing only the sense of time. I frequently shoot from sunset to sunrise." -- Chad Dutson

List of some features:

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Member, Professional Photographers of America